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ABC-Ya! - Kids' Educational Computer Games and Activities -- Debby

Springfield Township High School Virtual Library - my favorite source of ed tech info (also a wiki)! - Angie

Cool Math for Kids - Popular source for educational computer games. This site has been a favorite of my elementary age children at home all the way through my high school students. - Lisa

Tagxedo - turns words into a visual word cloud much like Wordle except that it offers greater flexibility in design. Linda

Cute or Annoying? A feature "news-y" story I saw today...Cathy (BTW, I'm having some trouble inserting the link and THEN adding these words. I'm doing it in reverse order in fact. What's the easier way?)

Great social studies site Great page for social studies teachers. Shows the news events of the week in a language the kiddos can relate to. I show to my HS kids. Loved this example of an elementary wiki!--Chris

NASA for kids I love to teach about space. NASA has some great teaching tools. Sue